Thursday, September 15, 2005

From the department of "hey, it's a driver's license, not a parker's license," we have the following caught on photo:

Clearly here we have someone with serious concern of getting door dings from the curb.

We all know how curbs have been known to lie in waiting for their prey, then suddenly spring up, thrust their might and attack automobiles, dragging the cars back to their den to feed their cubs. The GMC Denali owner (hey, they can afford it so we should be nice to them) is, of course, backed into the spot like a cow backs its ass into the cold breeze of winter, so he can make a quick getaway if the wild open curb should attack. It's a defensive position, just slightly out of reach of the curb. But he's ready.

J, who was with me for lunch, muttered that if he owned the Windstar parked next to the Priviledged (TM) Denali, he'd open the passenger door right into the beast. I'm most pleased to see the Windstar sandwiched in there and I hope the passenger experiences mucho difficulty in getting back into the Denali.

This owner parks like an ass, and most certainly deserves to be beatdown. I'm thinking repeated slaps across the face ought to be a good start. Or we turn the ferocious curb on him--that'll teach him.