Thursday, August 11, 2005

Yesterday I'm out for my occasional inline skate workout. I come upon some relatively fresh cement on one of the sidewalks where the city has attempted, in vain, to remove some vandalism where some punk decided his display of creativity was to write with a stick or his finger the "f-word" into the cement before it had settled. The person who did this apparently didn't have anything more useful to leave for posterity, his mark on the world, his 15 minutes of "fame", than to drop the f-bomb into wet cement. He couldn't come up with anything else but a word that is so overused now it has no ill effect on most people. It's not shocking, not new, and frankly the sign of a very small mind. I'd like to find this little grub and another block of freshly poured cement, then mash his face deep into it, that way I'd have a real permanent image of what this genius looks like everytime I skate by. If I can catch his face in a particular moment of pain or horror, all the better.