Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Today's "scum of the earth" beatdown: A former (or at least I hope former) Cingular employee in Colorado recently was caught selling used cell phones on eBay after telling customers their old phones would be donated to worthy causes when they came into the store to get a new phone. After hitting emotional hot-buttons from people by asking if they would like it to go to a woman's shelter, the person was collecting the phones and then putting them up on eBay, pocketing the cash. In addition, Mr. Rocket Scientist Thief never cleared any data on the phones, selling them on eBay with people's contacts, e-mails, and whatever might have been on the devices. I believe the punishment should fit the crime, and this dildo should be force fed old cell phones until his stomach revolts. Then he should have dessert. Maybe some chargers and hands-free sets?