Thursday, July 14, 2005

Politicians bother me. They seriously get under my skin. We have the issues of homelessness in America, terrorism, health care, education, the economy, jobs, people starving in Africa, AIDS and cancer and they can't seem to get over needing to make a big deal out of such trivialties as rating video games. Of all the things our elected officials can spend their time on, it's video game ratings? Senator Hillary Clinton said she would soon author a bill to create a federal law that would "put some teeth into video game ratings." All of this has come about because of the mod that allows a buried capability for some sexually explicit content to come out of the recent Grand Theft Auto game, now getting called "The Coffee Incident."

These scalawag politicians need to focus their toils on what matters, not on this. They deserve to be made accountable in the public eye for spending their time for significant good, not blatant grabs at headlines for publicity and the so-called cause of decency, which has been exploited by them for decades. They deserve to pay attention to what matters. They deserve, if they continue to waste everyone's time like this, a beatdown.