Monday, June 27, 2005

As relayed to me by JRod, the Minneapolis Le Meridien lounge deserves a beatdown. Saturday night JRod was staying at this fine hotel and recieved a couple of complimentary drinks for the lounge. He tried to redeem the tickets for a couple of Red Bull & Vodkas. The bartender indicated the drinks would be $24(!) but would take the two drink comps off for the vodka, leaving JRod to pay $12 for the Red Bull. This amounted to less than a full can of Red Bull. This is freaking insane, and JRod refused to buy the drinks (kudos my man). I've bought these drinks myself at Studio 54 at the MGM Grand in Vegas and they are less there than this steep bloat of an excuse. This is not the French Riviera. To any establishment that tries to shaft their customers like this (and we're not talking about a V.I.P. section here at an exclusive club), you deserve to be drown in your own dimensia, complete with a twist.