Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Paypal, thanks for wasting my time. Recently I recieved a phishing scam e-mail (you know, the ones that say "please log in and update all your personal information"). It was pretty easy to determine that the then-live website was fake, as a quick DNS lookup showed the IP address was somewhere in Asia. Anyhow, as a frequent eBay person, I felt it would be helpful to point his out to Paypal and I left feedback on the site with the URL of the fake site. I got a thank you note. 2 days later, the bastards made me verify my phone number by calling my home phone, update my password, and update my "not so secret questions." All this, I assume, is due to ME telling them about a fake site. This inconvenienced me greatly--it's a little hard to reach my home phone from my office, and I was about to make a Paypal purchase online at work. Thanks, you rotten bastards, for making it harder for me because I did the right thing. If you were here, I'd kick you in the shins.