Sunday, May 29, 2005

Nothing, and I mean nothing is as annoying as when the inmates are running the asylum. Yesterday, wifey, boy and myself were out and about for the holiday weekend, and the temperature was about right for an ice cream craving. Here in the midwest that means a trip to Dairy Queen, for a Blizzard. Unfortunately for us it was at 3:55 p.m., which is SHIFT CHANGE time. This means the merging of (I kid you not) about twenty pimply-faced 15 to 17 year old teens. During this timeframe they appeared to be more interested in taunting each other about their work time ending versus the second group starting than taking my order, making my order, or generally ACKNOWLEDGING THAT I AM THERE. If you can every possibly prevent yourself from walking into a business that is operated by spoiled teenagers with no person invoking responsiblity to the customer like this pile of shenanigans I walked into, I recommend you do so. I was considering how all the deserved beatdowns would have an impact on my shoes, which I would have removed for use on this group of worthless, spoiled kids with no sense of customer service. Keep in mind I also have a new pair of shoes at home I had reserved for the moron that hired and/or trained this group of idiots.