Friday, September 23, 2005

It's called fuzzy logic, but apparently reasonable companies dealing with billing don't use it. As inspired by Jesse Ruderman's blog posting, I have a beatdown for any billing company that makes me pay late fees or overlimit fees when the amount in question is less than a dollar. In Jesse's case, he apparently paid his rent for 1 cent short (1 freakin' Lincoln penny, folks), and he got a nastygram from his landlord. In addition, the rental office wouldn't take a penny when he dropped by to give it to them, instead requiring a paper trail for it. The lunacy of this is beyond measure. I believe that Jesse (or anyone else who has been dinged for a sub-dollar overage or underage of this sort) should be allowed to forcibly push the penny into the eyesocket of the dimwit who even made this time wasting activity an issue.